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If you've tried other roofing companies doing business in the Malvern, PA area, it's time to trust your next project to the professionals at The Cedar Roof Company. Since 1993, we've served Pennsylvania's home and business owners, providing reliable and affordable solutions to virtually every type of roofing problem. We specialize in installation and preservation of cedar shake and shingle roofs, something that many contractors simply don't handle. Our qualified and experienced team is also able to diagnose leaks and other problems, quickly repairing damaged areas of the roof and protecting your home from further damage. With more than 20 years of experience, we are the state's primary source for cedar roof solutions. We are an active member of a number of industry organizations, including the Pennsylvania Better Business Bureau, The Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau and the National Roofing Contractors Association. If you are considering an update to your home or are planning a new construction, call us for a consultation and see how you can make your house look years younger, with less time and expense than you would imagine.

The Cedar Roof Company uses a total wood preservative on each preservation project - a non-toxic, environmentally friendly treatment specifically designed for cedar shake and shingle wood roofs, providing years of protection against the elements. This durable, protective coating penetrates the cedar shakes and shingles to the core, providing an exceptionally strong barrier to the elements including rain, snow and Ultraviolet rays. This coating will never crack or peel, and is highly water repellent, making it an ideal way to control mold, decay and rot. The wood preservative only needs to be reapplied every five to six years, making it a beautiful addition that will add value to your home while requiring limited maintenance expense.

When other roofing companies in the Malvern, PA area aren't up to the job of handling your wooden roof installation, repairs and preservation, it's time to give The Cedar Roof Company a call. We handle every project, from the largest to the smallest, with an unparalleled standard of quality, craftsmanship and extraordinary service. Our experienced technicians treat every home as if it was their own, and this care and concern shines through in every job we complete. Call us today for a consultation and estimate and give your home a little something extra to smile about!

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